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Medicare Supplements

Blue Cross Oklahoma, American Republic, Equitable, Golden Rule, Mutual of Omaha, United Teachers..... and many more

     Medicare is a complicated area for seniors.  If you are a Medicare recipient and 65 years or over,  you need a Supplement Plan from some source.  The Part A deductible increases each year.  The Part B also carries a $100 annual deductible.  You are responsible for the 20% under Part B that Medicare does not cover.  As an Oklahoma independent insurance agent, I  am able to provide you with health insurance quotes and benefit information from companies you trust.     Click here for a free - no obligation - quote.

Medicare Oklahoma
Features of a Good Medicare Supplement Plan


Guaranteed Renewal  -  Policy cannot be cancelled as long as you pay the premium


Rating of the Company  -  Use company with B+ or better


Pre-existing  -   If you are past your open enrollment (6 months after receiving Part B of  Medicare), you will be subject to Qualifying for Coverage


Open Enrollment  -  Guarantee that for 6 months following enrollment in Part B of Medicare, persons 65 or older cannot be declined


Premium  -  Price of insurance protection.


Free Look  -  30-day money back guarantee


Benefit  -  Best policies pay A and B deductible plus coinsurance, additional hospital days and skilled nursing facilities.


What about Prescription Drugs?  -  Three plans offer help with prescription drugs.

Please take a few minutes to complete and submit a short information form and I will search the top-rated companies to find you the best value for your insurance dollar.  Click here for a free - no obligation - quote.

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